Our services

Our Services

1. Services in Prague

The Czech location of Porsche Engineering is active in function and software development, electronics development, integration and testing, development of Body, Chassis and Complete vehicle that make a significant contribution to the internationally integrated engineering services of Porsche. The staff in Prague works closely with colleagues at all other locations. Their wide-ranging capabilities and experience are therefore accessible at any time.

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1.1. Function and Software Development

Model-Based Function Development

  • Model-Based Design of Complex Control Algorithms in Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow
  • Development of Advanced Control Strategies for Active Chassis Components and Electric Powertrains
  • Algorithms for Advanced Battery Management and Charging Systems
  • MiL/SiL/PiL Testing

Software Development

  • Software Development in C/C++, Python, Java
  • Big Data Acquisition & Processing, Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence with focus on Autonomous Driving
  • Algorithms for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Functional Safety and Software Quality

  • Development and Certification of Automotive-Grade Software
  • Compliance with ASPICE Processes and AUTOSAR Standard
  • Functional Safety based on ISO26262

Project Domains

  • Charging Infrastructure for EVs/PHEVs
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Electric & Hybrid-Electric Powertrain Control
  • Car Connectivity Systems
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Active Chassis Systems (Adaptive Dampers, Active Anti-Roll Bar etc.)

1.2. Electronic design

Electronic hardware design

  • Mixed signal and power electronics design
  • Legal and normative standards application
  • Design for manufacturing and EMC compliance
  • Design calculations (performance, reliability, tolerance)
  • Complex PCB layout design
  • Preproduction support, volume production ramp-up assistance

Embedded software development

  • Software Development in C/C++,
  • Bare metal, embedded OS (FreeRTOS, etc.) and embedded Linux
  • Security, cryptography and secure environment in general
  • SiL and unit testing
  • ASIL (ISO26262) awareness

EMC, environmental and functional testing

  • In-house performance and basic environmental tests
  • Test planning according to standards and customer requirements
  • Test instrumentation and post-test data processing
  • End of line test preparation and commissioning support

Project domains

  • Electric powertrain
  • Charging Infrastructure for EVs/PHEVs
  • Precision measurement

1.3. Electronics Integration

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Testing

  • Concept, Design and Construction of HiL Testing Systems
  • HiL System Configuration and Simulation Models
  • End-to-End Testing of Car Connect Services
  • Component Testing of Powertrain and Active Chassis Systems
  • Validation of Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Charging Systems
  • Component Testing of Comfort, Body and Interior Vehicle Systems
  • Development and Maintenance of SW Tools for automated testing e.g. in CANoe or EXAM

In-Vehicle Validation

  • In-vehicle Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems e.g. Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Validation of Parking Assist Services
  • Design and Development of SW Tools for In-vehicle Testing e.g. in CANape or MATLAB/Simulink

Vehicle Architecture

  • Modelling of Vehicle Architecture in PREEvision

1.4. Complete Vehicle

HV systems for eMobility

  • HV batteries prototypes, battery modules, cooling systems and power electronics development
  • Components and assemblies design for fast charge infrastructure
  • CAD support on layout and packaging of HV (High Voltage) lines/components in a vehicle

Design & Development of HVAC systems

  • Complete lifecycle development of HVAC systems and its parts
  • Packaging concepts and detailing for the integration of HVAC systems in vehicle
  • HVAC systems development with lightweight materials for Motorsport


  • Design, development and adjustments of wind tunnel models
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Numerical optimization


  • Cooling circuits development
  • Thermomanagement in eMobility
  • Measurement, virtual testing and models validation
  • Numerical simulation of internal flow and heat transfer (CFD)

NVH (Noise Vibrations Harshness)

  • Dynamic stiffness, Interior and Powertrain acoustics simulations
  • Testing of body (BIW) and complete vehicle (Trimmed body)

1.5. Car Body

Body Design (CAD)

  • Design of Body-in-White
  • Design of closures
  • Design of battery pack frames
  • Support of series production

Structural (FEM) simulations of body

  • Stiffness and strength analysis of complete body or components
  • Durability, fatigue of complete body or components
  • Static and dynamic analysis of components / systems
  • Dynamic analysis of battery packs
  • Misuse analysis
  • Buckling analysis

Passive safety simulations (FEM)

  • Pedestrian protection analysis
  • Free Motion Headform analysis
  • Crashworthiness

Digital prototype (FEM)

  • Digital prototype build-up for crash simulations
  • Digital prototype build-up for stiffness / strength / NVH simulations
  • Digital prototype build-up for durability / fatigue simulations

Special projects

  • Dynamic analysis in non-automotive field

1.6. Chassis

Chassis Design (CAD)

  • Design concept (2WD, AWD, for ICE and alternative drive train)
  • Kinematics, elasto-kinematics
  • Part and assembly design, drawings
  • Package
  • CAD data management

Chassis testing and optimization

  • Driving Dynamics – Handling, Comfort (MBS)
  • Transfer Path Analysis (FEM)
  • Drive train mounting (MBS)
  • Strength, Stiffness, Durability (FEM)
  • NVH, dynamic analyses in frequency and time domain (FEM, MBS)
  • Analysis of dynamic processes with enormous strain level – impact, crash, misuse (FEM)
  • Chassis (prototype) tuning

Braking system optimization

  • NVH, Dynamic stability (FEM)
  • Thermo-mechanical analyses (FEM)
  • Strength, deformation analyses(FEM)

Wheel rim optimization

  • Strength, Stiffness, Durability (FEM)
  • NVH (FEM)

2. Services in Ostrava

E-mobility, autonomous driving or smart mobility are the prime focus of the office in Ostrava. The developers at the location work with the most advanced technologies, such as complex simulations, state-of-the-art digital development and prototyping.

Our colleagues in Ostrava work on a variety of exciting projects. There is for example a completely novel project relating to the high-power charging infrastructure for upcoming electric vehicles.

2.1. Mechatronics

Function Development & Testing for Automotive Industry

  • Model-Based Design of Control Algorithms in Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow
  • Software Development in C/C++
  • MiL/SiL Testing
  • Compliance with ASPICE Processes and AUTOSAR Standard
  • Functional Safety based on ISO26262